Marine Hedge

Rader: Well, actually, kind of like the others, she was chosen. I went through the different phases, stalking phase, and since she lived down the street from me I could watch the comings and goings quite easily. On that particular day, I had another commitment. I came back from that commitment, and parked my car over at Woodlawn and 21st Street at the bowling alley there at that time. Before that, I had some other clothes on, changed clothes. I went to the bowling alley, went in there under the pretense of bowling. Called a taxi. Had a taxi take me out to Park City. Had my kit in the bowling bag.

Waller: Is that Park City in Sedgwick County, Kansas?

Rader: Yes, sir.

Waller: All right, you had a taxi take you to Park City. What happened then?

Rader: There I asked, I pretended that I was a little drunk. I just took some beer and washed it around in my mouth and the guy could probably smell the alcohol on me. I told him to let me out so I could get some fresh air. I had the taxi let me out over at her house.

Waller: Where did she live?

Rader: 6254 Independence.

Waller: When you walked over there what happened next?

Rader: As before, I was going to have sexual fantasies so I brought my hit kit. But lo and behold her car was there. I thought gee, she's not supposed to be home so I very carefully snuck into the house, kind of like a cat burglar. After checking the house, she wasn't there. So about that time the door rattled, so I went back in one of the bedrooms and hid back there in one of the bedrooms. She came in with a male visitor. They were there for maybe an hour or so. He left, I waited until the wee hours of the morning and then proceeded to sneak into her bedroom and flip the lights on real quick like, I think the bathroom lights. I didn't want to flip her lights on. She screamed. I jumped on the bed and strangled her manually.

Waller: Now, were you wearing any kind of disguise or mask at this time:?

Rader: No.

Waller: You indicated this woman lived down the street from you. Did she know you?

Rader: Well, casually, we would walk by, wave. She liked to work in her yard as well as I. It was just a neighborly type thing. It wasn't anything personal, just a neighbor.

Waller: All right, so she was in her bed when you turned on the light in the bathroom?

Rader: Yeah, the bathroom, so I could get some light in there.

Waller: What did you do?

Rader: I manually strangled her when she started to scream.

Waller: You used your hand?

Rader: Yes.

Waller: And you strangled her. Did she die?

Rader: Yes

Waller: What did you do then?

Rader: After that, since I was still in the sexual fantasy, I went ahead and stripped her. I am not sure if I tied her up at that point in time, but she was nude. I put her on a blanket, went through her purse, and personal items in the house. I figured out how I was going to get her out of there. Eventually, I moved her to the trunk of the car--the trunk of her car--and took the car over to Christ Lutheran Church, this was the older church, and took some pictures of her.

Waller: All right, you took some photographs of her. What kind of camera did you use?

Rader: Polaroid.

Waller: Did you keep those photographs?

Rader: I think the police probably have them.

Waller: What happened then?

Rader: Well, that was it. She was already dead, so I took the pictures of her in different forms of bondage and that is what probably got me in trouble is the bondage thing. But anyway then I moved her back out to her car. Then we went east on 53rd.

Waller: What happened then?

Rader: Trying to find a place to hide her, hide the body.

Waller: Did you find a place?

Rader: Yes, yes I did. I couldn't tell you without looking at a map but it was on 53rd, between Greenwich maybe. What is that I think between Webb and Greenwich I found a ditch, a low place on the north side of the road and hid her there.

Waller: You say you hid her there?

Rader: Well there were some trees, some brush and I laid it over the top of her body.