Special Reports

Mapping gardens across Wichita

As I researched last week's column on neighborhood gardens, I learned there was no list of these sites for Wichita, which are creating local food sources for hundreds of residents. Now, there is.

View Wichita Neighborhood/Community Gardens in a larger map

Plant more gardens, then add them

Did we miss any? Well, this Google Map is open to public editing, so if you know of others, please add them by following these instructions.

Need help? Does the thought of editing a Google map worry you? Email me with the info and we'll add it. Be sure and include contact information so we can verify what's added to the map.

We hope to be able to keep track of Wichita's growth in community gardens.

Want to start a garden? That's why we've included contact information for all the gardens. Many will be glad to help answer your questions.

What does your garden grow?

Do you manage one of these gardens? Use the comments below to let us know what you're growing.

Do you have extra crops that need harvesting? Add a comment and that will help get the word out to people who may be able to use your extra food/

Do you have tips? Lessons learned? Mistakes you wouldn't want others to repeat? Leave them in the comments section.

Use the comments to start a community discussion on neighborhood gardens.

And keep us updated.