Special Reports

Candlelight vigil to honor George Tiller set for tonight in Wichita

A candlelight vigil has been scheduled for 8 p.m. today at Old Town Square to show support for George Tiller's family and to oppose violence.

Dustin Deckard, 20, organized the vigil and is hoping it will be "a quiet show of support for Dr. Tiller and a moment to remember his medical and political triumphs."

Deckard, who supports abortion rights, called today's shooting of Tiller "akin to the murder of Harvey Milk," an openly gay California politician who was shot to death in 1978.

"With the situation today, I think that what side people are on is the last thing we should be arguing about," Deckard said. "The death of people's loved one is more important today than any political alignment."

Deckard is spreading word of tonight's vigil through Twitter, a microblog service, and other social networking tools. Questions about the vigil should be directed to dustindeckard@gmail.com.

Old Town Square is at Second and Mead streets.