GOP leaders want Goyle to pull TV ad

A group of local Republican leaders joined Tuesday in calling for Democrat Raj Goyle to pull a TV ad in which he criticizes GOP opponent Mike Pompeo on jobs.

Mark Kahrs, 4th District Republican chairman, said Goyle tampered with and doctored a video of Pompeo. The two are vying to become the next congressman from the 4th District.

"We call on Mr. Goyle to pull this ad immediately," Kahrs said during a news conference held at the Wichita Area Builders Association.

That apparently isn't going to happen.

"We stand behind our ad," Goyle said. "Our campaign has been open and forthright and provided the full video and full quote (on Goyle's website)."

In Goyle's ad, a shortened version of a video shows Pompeo saying, "My role, as I see it in Congress, is not to bring jobs back to Kansas. Fundamentally, not my job."

The full quote, which is displayed on Goyle's website, reads:

"My role as I see it in Congress is not to bring jobs back to Kansas... fundamentally not my job. My job is to create the environment where y'all can go create the next great company and create jobs, or Sentry International can, or Cessna or Spirit or Learjet. The federal government is not a job creator. It is a job destroyer — every time."

Pompeo's comments were made on May 4 to a Wichita State University political science class.

"Mr. Goyle has tampered with video of Mr. Pompeo, doctoring it to intentionally give a false and untruthful impression," Kahrs said. "Raj Goyle's dishonest and misleading ad against Mike Pompeo crosses the line of acceptable political discourse by any candidate running for any office."

Asked if he felt his campaign had tampered with and doctored Pompeo's quote, Goyle said, "I couldn't disagree more."

Goyle said the quote used in his ad are Pompeo's "words that he has said on multiple occasions."

Pompeo began running a counter ad Monday that included a clip of most of the quote.

Words on the screen setting up the ad claim Goyle tampered with Pompeo's speech.

Also attending Tuesday's news conference were state Sens. Les Donovan of Wichita and Ty Masterson of Andover, state Reps. Aaron Jack of Andover and Steve Huebert of Valley Center, Wichita City Council members Sue Schlapp and Jeff Longwell and Sedgwick County Republican Party chairman Kelly Arnold.

Brownback, Holland to debate again

Kansans will have one chance to see their gubernatorial candidates face off in a debate in October.

Republican U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback's campaign announced Tuesday that he had agreed to two televised debates. Democrat state Sen. Tom Holland's campaign has agreed to one.

Both have agreed to appear at a debate from 6:30 to 7 p.m. Oct. 7 on KWCH, Channel 12.

Brownback also agreed to participate in a debate broadcast live on WIBW-AM Radio's On the Other Hand and on WIBW-TV on Oct. 13 from noon to 1 p.m.

In addition to Holland and Brownback, Reform Party candidate Ken Cannon and Libertarian Andrew Gray have been invited to participate.

Holland's campaign has said it will not participate in the Oct. 13 debate.

"We have declined the WIBW Radio debate as it would be hosted by the same AM radio station that hosted the State Fair debate and moderated by people that in the last gubernatorial election the Topeka Capital-Journal described as hosting 'a politically conservative talk show that confronts guests,' " Holland's campaign said in a written response.

The two candidates faced off in a live, untelevised debate Sept. 11 at the Kansas State Fair.

Holland's campaign has been pushing for more gubernatorial debates for several weeks.

It proposed two other debates, one on Channel 27 KSNT News Topeka, in conjunction with the Topeka Capital-Journal and other media, and one on Smoky Hills Public Television, sponsored by the Fort Hays State American Democracy Project, a nonpartisan group that seeks to build civic and community engagement.