Provisional ballots tallied

Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau remained the winner in the Democratic primary for the District 4 Sedgwick County Commission seat after provisional ballots were counted Monday.

Sixty votes had separated her and former Wichita City Council member Sharon Fearey, both vying for the seat now held by Kelly Parks.

Canvassers met Monday to consider provisional ballots — those in which there was some question of validity. County commissioners serve as the canvassing board.

Of 1,200 such ballots countywide, canvassers allowed about 820 to count. Reasons ballots were considered provisional ranged from someone voting at the wrong polling place to those who moved within the county and hadn't updated their registration.

Canvassers chose to let such votes count but threw out others, including those by people who were not registered or who lived in other counties and tried to vote in Sedgwick.

There were 53 provisional ballots cast in the District 4 commission Democratic primary. Of those, 31 went to Faust-Goudeau and 22 to Fearey, meaning Faust-Goudeau picked up nine more votes to win by 69.

After the final vote was tallied, Faust-Goudeau — who attended the canvass — turned to Election Commissioner Bill Gale and said, "I'm glad that's over."

Fearey did not attend the canvass.

Commissioners met first Monday morning to determine which votes would count and then met in the afternoon to get final tallies.

Faust-Goudeau will face Richard Ranzau in November.

Provisional votes only affected one race in Sedgwick County — for a precinct commiteewoman.

In Butler County, provisional ballots changed the outcome of the Republican primary for District 5 commissioner.

Incumbent Daniel Woydziak had 891 votes and challenger Steve Scholtz had 895 before provisional ballots were considered and tallied.

After the final tally, they tied at 902 votes each, and canvassers tossed a coin to determine the race. Woydziak won.

A tight race in Sumner County's Republican primary for District 3 commissioner wasn't changed by the provisional ballots. Only two votes had separated winner Cliff Bales and Stan Burdett. Bales picked up four additional votes. He won by six votes.