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Kansas Democratic Party corrects two years worth of campaign finance reports

The Kansas Democratic Party has had to correct two years worth of federal campaign finance reports this week.

The state party amended more than two dozen reports covering the years 2011 and 2012 with the Federal Election Commission between Monday and Wednesday.

“The FEC alerted us that we had a couple of errors in our 2011 reports,” said Heather Scanlon, the party’s spokeswoman. “They asked us to change them and update and so once we started with ’11 we had to end up changing the ’12 (reports), too.”

The problems appear to originate with the party’s February 2011 monthly campaign finance filing, which underreported the cash the party had on hand at the start of 2011 by nearly $35,000, according to ProPublica’s campaign finance tracker, which allows for comparisons to the original reports.

“It was just a few, little clerical errors here and there. But then that spawned – that we had to change this and this and this,” Scanlon said.

Those errors had a ripple effect through the rest of the 2012 election cycle. The party ended 2012 with about $58,000 less than it had originally reported, according to the campaign finance tracker.

Scanlon said she did not believe that there were any problems with the party’s campaign finance reports for the 2014 and 2016 cycles.

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