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Brownback signs ‘Zombie Preparedness Month’ proclamation

Gov. Sam Brownback is joined by Faith Tucking, 15, and her aunt, Devan, as he promotes "Zombie Preparedness Month."
Gov. Sam Brownback is joined by Faith Tucking, 15, and her aunt, Devan, as he promotes "Zombie Preparedness Month." The Wichita Eagle

If zombies attack Gov. Sam Brownback plans on escaping Topeka and heading to his parents’ farm in Parker for safety.

Brownback signed a proclamation Wednesday officially making October “Zombie Preparedness Month” in Kansas. The zombie preparation is the Kansas Department of Emergency Management’s humorous way to get Kansans ready for natural disasters, which are slightly more likely to occur, such as floods or tornadoes.

Brownback said that he and his youngest son, Mark, 18, have talked a lot about what to do if a zombie apocalypse happens.

“It would be best to go to my dad’s farm and get on a combine. Then you could move through…That was his idea,” said Brownback when asked what he would do to survive a zombie attack. “Preparedness is important and that’s what we’re trying to get people to pay attention to – to get prepared for any natural disaster. And if you’re prepared for zombies you’re prepared for anything.”

The governor declined to say which member of his staff he would most like to eat if he became a zombie himself.

Devan Tucking, a human services official with the Department of Emergency Management, said that Kansans should stock their homes with food, water and other supplies that can last them up to 72 hours. She said they should also have a supply kit in their vehicles.

Gov. Sam Brownback and Devan Tucking of the Kansas Department of Emergency Management discuss safety Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015, in a zombie apocalypse. (Bryan Lowry/The Wichita Eagle)

“Try to get trained in CPR and first aid so that if an emergency does occur you’re able to perform those basic life-saving skills,” she added.

KDEM will be posting preparedness challenges on its website throughout the month of October.

Devan’s 15-year-old-niece, Faith Tucking, joined her at the ceremony in full zombie makeup. She did not eat anyone’s brain though.

The proclamation was one of nine Brownback signed on Wednesday promoting a variety of causes including fire safety, auto safety, bullying prevention and the deliciousness of sweet potatoes. Yes, October is also Sweet Potato Month – in addition to the zombies.

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