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Kansas Democratic official facing recall considers legal action

A Kansas Democratic Party official is considering legal action amid a likely push to recall her from office on Saturday.

An attorney representing party secretary Casey Yingling, her political consulting firm Ad Astra Group and business partner Levi Henry made the statement in a letter to Democratic National Committeeman Chris Reeves this week. Reeves forwarded the document to reporters on Friday.

"My clients are considering all of their options with respect to the attacks against them, including litigation, and urge restraint moving forward," the letter says.

In the letter, attorney Tai Vokins says multiple news stories, blogs and opinion pieces have been defamatory or portray his clients in a false light.

The possibility of legal action represents an escalation in what has become a bitter fight among Kansas Democrats.

A petition to recall Yingling circulated among Democrats for several weeks, alleging a conflict of interest and unacceptable social media attacks on the party by Yingling. Party chairman John Gibson has endorsed the recall effort, as have the party vice chair and treasurer.

Democrats are meeting for Demofest this weekend in Wichita. A state committee meeting is scheduled for Saturday.

The committee could vote on whether to recall Yingling during the meeting.

Tom Witt, chair of the party’s progressive caucus, also received a letter from Vokins.

"Your client Yingling is a public figure who voluntarily joined an organization and sought an office within that organization, and knew or should have known about the recall provision in its bylaws," Witt wrote in a reply to Vokins, which he copied reporters on.

"As a voting member of the body of which your client is an officer, I will talk about that recall petition, and the supporting facts and evidence, as I damn well please."

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