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The best of #kslegvalentines: Kansas political rhymes and puns

Your Valentine’s Day Twitter feed may have a decidedly political twist if you follow certain people on the social media platform.

Twitter users who closely follow state government use #ksleg to aggregate news and views from the Kansas Legislature.

On Tuesday, normal #ksleg activity was supplemented with #kslegvalentines, a series of valentine’s rhymes and puns that reference past and current political issues in Topeka. Other tweets were just quirky commentary on legislative procedure.

Kansas isn’t the only state where this social media behavior was trending. Politicos in Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi and elsewhere were also tweeting political Valentine’s Day posts.

Here’s who celebrated Valentine’s Day in Kansas with #kslegvalentines.

State lawmakers:

Both sides of the campus carry debate:

State departments:

Gov. Sam Brownback’s staff:

Both parties:

News media:

You can search #kslegvalentines on Twitter to find other tweets using that hashtag.

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