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Capitol beats: Wrapping up the first week of the legislative session

Check this spot on Sundays for a few quick hits about what’s driving the debate in the Legislature.

Say what?

"Look out Texas, here comes Kansas!"— Gov. Sam Brownback as he outlined plans to eventually make Kansas, like Texas, a no-income-tax state during his State of the State address Tuesday.


That’s how many Kansans filed for a mortgage tax interest deduction, a benefit that would disappear in 2014 to help pay for Brownback’s proposed income tax cuts.


Brownback mostly stole the show in the past week. He got more airtime than anyone in Kansas, spending two days telling the state about his vision for lowering taxes, holding back spending and maintaining services. But will the unpredictable Legislature comply?

News ahead

Expect discussions on tax reductions and education policy to grind on. But the hottest debates will likely center on changing how judges for the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are selected, and on whether the state should ban unions from deducting money from their members’ paychecks to fund political activities.