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Rep. Hermanson’s campaign treasurer fined for failing to document expenses

The campaign treasurer for state Rep. Phil Hermanson, R-Wichita, was fined $500 Wednesday by the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission for failing to document campaign expenditures.

Lisa Wisdom, the second of two treasurers who ran Hermanson’s 2010 campaign for state office, was fined $3,764.66, the amount of undocumented expenses, with all but $500 waived when the money is repaid.

Hermanson said Friday the lack of documentation came from a mid-race change of treasurers and he accepts full responsibility for the problem.

“My brother-in-law was my treasurer and his parents got sick, and he has lost one of them,” Hermanson said. “I had to switch treasurers in mid-campaign, we lost some receipts and things got mixed up.”

Hermanson said he has reimbursed the campaign for the undocumented expenditures, and he will pay Wisdom’s fine and legal expenses.

In a prepared statement, Hermanson said, “I appreciate the work of the Commission. My 2010 election involved a spirited and highly competitive race. Changes in the middle of the campaign resulted in the loss of some receipts and records. I have personally reimbursed the campaign for 100 percent of any expenditure that was not accompanied by receipts. I have also appointed a new treasurer with a strong background in accounting and record keeping.”