Desperate man clings to 11-inch ledge of burning building for 30 minutes, video shows

Dozens of people on a street in Rome were forced to watch helplessly Thursday, as a man waited on a 11-inch ledge to escape his burning apartment, according to media reports and video from the harrowing scene.

Multiple videos from the scene show the man three floors up, lying on his belly and holding onto wires to keep himself from falling. At times, black smoke is seen blowing directly into the man’s face.

Flames are seen are shooting out of the window to his right as black smoke billows from the window to his left, the video shows.

He was trapped there at least 30 minutes as firefighters worked to douse the flames, reported

A ladder truck was eventually used to help the man to the street and the crowd erupted in applause and cheers, videos show.

The man was “shaken but unharmed” and refused to be taken to a hospital, reported He was identified only as a 22-year-old tenant of the apartment in Rome’s Tuscolano neighborhood, according to Roma.Corriere.It.

Investigators believe fire may have been a case of arson, according to Roma.Corriere.It.