A wedding, a honeymoon and 3 to 12 months to live

Cancer patient Sarena Saad is planning to marry her high school sweetheart, Tyler Vilandre, next month.
Cancer patient Sarena Saad is planning to marry her high school sweetheart, Tyler Vilandre, next month. Facebook

Suddenly everything in Sarena Saad’s life is speeding up because time — her time — could be running out.

Cancer invaded the college student’s life in February 2015 when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, bone cancer. Her sweetheart from Central High in Keller, Texas, Tyler Vilandre, stayed with her through weeks of chemotherapy treatment, every hospital stay, every surgery.

“He didn’t leave, ever,” Saad, 21, told CBS DFW in Dallas.

He was there with her in July when, after a brief remission, the bad news came.

“I don’t really know how to say this ... I can’t believe I’m saying this,” she wrote on her Facebook page Sarena Strong.

“Not only do I have new tumors in my lungs, but the others have grown exponentially. I have been removed from the trial and we are going to look into other options on Thursday. We are either trying another clinical trial drug, radiation, or stopping treatment and taking pills at home to make myself comfortable enough... I have been given anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

“I’m not giving up hope. I’ve witnessed God perform miracles.”

The two had already talked about getting married, according to the Dallas Morning News, but the grave diagnosis prompted them to push the fast forward button.

So Vilandre proposed. With glowsticks.

A proposal via glowsticks

“I wouldn’t say I knew that she was gonna say yes, but I kind of figured she would say yes,” Vilandre, 21, told CBS DFW.

Then Texas-based nonprofit Heroes for Children stepped in to help plan the wedding. The group supports cancer patients up to the age of 22 and their families with bills and other stresses cancer brings. This, though, is the group’s first wedding, the TV station reported.

The two hope to honeymoon on the beaches of Cancun, Mexico, and have set up a Honeyfund trip registry.

The wedding is set for Sept. 17, a day that Saad plans to inject as much brightness and life into as she can.

“I have these purple shoes — wanted to kinda add a pop of color,” she told the TV station.

Tears? She expects a few, probably when her groom sees her walk down the aisle.

“He’s a crier,” she said.