CVS worker won’t hand over veteran’s photo to mom, threatens huge fine, Ohio man says

A Marine veteran in Ohio says a CVS worker wouldn’t hand over a print of his boot camp photo to his mom because it was owned by the government.

Larry Regedanz, 51, sent a photo of his 1986 Marine Corps boot camp photo to a CVS in Celina to be printed, WKEF reported.

When his mother went to pick up the print, she was told she couldn’t have the photo because it “belonged to the government,” and could face a $10,000 fine for copyright infringement, the veteran told the news outlet.

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Larry Regedanz told police a CVS worker in Ohio wouldn’t hand over a print of his boot camp photo, citing copyright infringement. Screengrab: WHIO

Later in the day, Regedanz says he stopped by CVS to investigate, explaining to a manager that the print was of his 33-year-old boot camp photo of which he’d made several copies over the years, WHIO reported. But Regedanz told police the manager wouldn’t budge, claiming the print had been destroyed.

The manager ultimately found the print, Regedanz told police, but proceeded to tear it up, something CVS says Regedanz asked the manager to do.

“Our employee did not tear up Mr. Regedanz’s original photo,” CVS representative Mike DeAngelis told WHIO. “During their conversation, he told our employee to tear up a copy that was printed from his online order.”

After Regedanz left, police say the manager contacted police, telling officers Regedanz was “agitated” and “being aggressive,” adding that she felt as though “if she was on the other side of the counter he would have come after her.”

The manager also told police Regedanz would need a letter of release from the U.S. government to be allowed to retrieve the photo.

In a statement to WHIO, DeAngelis apologized for the Regedanz’s experience.

“We are committed to ensuring that every customer receives courteous, outstanding service in our stores and we apologize to Mr. Regedanz and his mother for their recent experience,” he told the news outlet. “We are fully investigating this matter and contacting him directly to learn more about his version of what occurred.”

Regedanz’s Facebook post detailing the incident was shared almost 10,000 times and amassed more than 1,500 comments before it was removed. Police say that following the popularity of the post, the manager reported receiving at least 20 harassing phone calls at the store, something Regedanz decried.

“Thanks for everyone’s feedback,” Regedanz wrote, “but please do not harass CVS or their employees over this. Thanks.”

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