Family at dinner table shot to death by confrontational neighbor, Chicago cops say

Chicago police arrested a retired construction worker after he was accused of entering the apartment of a family and killing them while they were eating dinner, WGN9 reported.

Krysztof Marek, 66, was known by neighbors inside of his building as someone they considered confrontational. In August, Marek reportedly punched a man in the face and police were called to the scene, however, he wasn’t arrested, The Chicago Sun-Times said.

“Most of the occupants inside the building have had problems with him in the past but nothing obviously of this magnitude,” First Deputy Superintendent Anthony Riccio of the Chicago Police Department told The Chicago Tribune. “He’s had confrontations with people in the building before. We don’t know what set him off tonight.”

After killing the family of four, police told WGN9 Marek walked upstairs and shot and killed another woman who died after succumbing to her injuries on Sunday.

The victims have been identified as David Hanik, 61, Iskra Pourel-Popova, 65, Tsvetanka Kostadinova, 43, Ivaylo Popov, 43, and Jolanta Topolski, 53, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Neighbors who encountered Marek said he was friendly, until six months ago, a woman who lived in the building told The Sun Times.

“He did not seem like he was normal. He just seemed really spooky,” she said.

Marek is scheduled to appear in bond court Monday, WGN9 reported.

Tyler Carter, a Real-Time reporter based out of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, is an avid lover of media, fitness, sports and telling impactful stories. Previously, he served as a trending/breaking news/crime reporter for and The Mississippi Press.