Passenger nearly stabs cyclist from passing car on Oregon road, video shows

An Oregon bicyclist was mad when a car recklessly sped past him on a rural road over the weekend. But he was shocked when he slowed down the video he captured of the incident.

In slow motion, GoPro camera footage recorded by cyclist Hank Bosak of Hillsboro shows that a passenger in the car was holding a knife out the window on Saturday as the sedan whizzed past Bosak’s bike during his 30-mile ride on Hornecker Road, KOIN reports.

“He came by really close and I got scared. I was upset,” Bosak told the TV station, adding that he reviewed the video Sunday to look for a license plate number on the Toyota Corolla that he estimates was within an inch of hitting him. “And that’s when I saw, you know, the knife … I couldn’t believe it.”

Bosak has two GoPro cameras mounted on his bike — one pointing forward and another pointing backward, KOIN reports.

“I can imagine he probably just missed me with the knife,” Bosak said, according to KATU.

Bosak said he doesn’t know how to interpret the knife out the window, KGW reports.

“Some people say the passenger was showing off to his friend, some people are trying to scare me,” Bosak said, according to the TV station. “I don’t know what their intent was, honestly. I can’t read their minds.”

Bosak reported the incident to deputies in Washington County, but the vehicle’s license plate number wasn’t helpful because the car had recently changed hands and the new owner had not registered the vehicle yet, according to KGW.

“The car passed Bosak at what seemed as close as a foot to him at about 45 mph,” said Ray Thomas, Bosak’s lawyer, according to a story published on “Hank yelled but the car occupants kept going and disappeared in the distance.”

Thomas did not immediately respond to McClatchy’s request for comment on the incident.

The Sheriff’s Office said investigators are looking into leads in the apparent stabbing attempt, but no suspect has been identified, according to The Oregonian. Sgt. Danny DiPietro said Bosak called in the attempted assault report on Sunday, the newspaper reports.

Bosak said he was seriously hurt after a driver hit him back in 2004, KATU reports, and following that crash he installed the cameras to catch unsafe drivers.

“I hope the people are caught,” Bosak said, according to KATU. “That’s just not normal behavior to try to slice a cyclist.”

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