‘I did not sign up for this’: Missouri mayor resigns because of hate on social media

The mayor of a Missouri town has resigned from his position, saying hateful comments on Facebook drove him out of office.

Lexington Mayor Fred Wiedner resigned effective Tuesday and explained his reasons in an open letter to the city.

“I did not sign up for this mess. Or, possibly I did and just didn’t realize how mean people could be,” Wiedner said in his resignation letter. “Either way, it is no longer worth the battle.”

Lexington is located about 50 miles east of Kansas City, in Lafayette County. It counted fewer than 5,000 residents in the last census.

Wiedner served as mayor of the town for about a year. He resigned before the city council meeting about 5 p.m., said Carla Ghisalberti, the Lexington city clerk.

City council members said debate started online after a city administrator was removed earlier this year. Lexington officials were in the process of finding a new administrator.

Attempts to reach Wiedner by phone Wednesday were unsuccessful.

Wiedner and his wife made the decision to move from Lexington weeks ago, he said in the letter, after he received a job opportunity in another state. The Wiedner family will be moving “in a matter of days.”

Scott Lynn is serving as the mayor pro tem. Lynn was previously a councilman for the fourth ward of Lexington. Lynn was not available for comment by time of publication.

Lexington voters will elect their next mayor Nov. 5.

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