Moses the freckle-nosed dog was euthanized by mistake. ‘I thought it was a cruel prank’

Moses was a “freckle nosed, scarf wearing, good boy,” according to the GoFundMe fundraising page.
Moses was a “freckle nosed, scarf wearing, good boy,” according to the GoFundMe fundraising page. Justice for Moses/GoFundMe page

Moses the dog was a freckle-nosed and scarf-wearing “good boy” who was loved by his family, according to a GoFundMe page that was set up to bring “Justice for Moses.”

But when a maintenance employee went into Moses’ backyard in Illinois on Aug. 3, the 6-year-old lab- and shepherd-mix got protective, his owners told Fox News. Moses bit the worker — a stranger — on the leg, the station reported.

His owners, Tony and Jennifer Wang, took the employee to a doctor and “proactively” called animal control to let the facility know what happened, Fox reported.

Tazewell County Animal Control required the owners to place Moses under a 10-day quarantine at the facility, WMBD reported.

“They said that they would like to keep him for 10 days under quarantine to make sure that everything was safe with him,” Jennifer Wang told the station.

In Illinois, animals that bite a person are required to be confined for at least 10 days while under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian or administrator, according to the Illinois General Assembly.

Jennifer Wang told Fox that she was concerned with the quarantine, but she said animal control staff told her “Moses would be OK.”

While Moses was confined at the shelter, Tony Wang brought his dog food and toys, Fox reported.

“He wasn’t eating because he wanted to come home,” Tony told the station. He told Fox he was bothered that he didn’t stay longer the day before his dog was killed. “But how was I supposed to know that would be the last time?” he told the station.

That next day, the couple was told that Moses was accidentally euthanized after an animal control employee confused Moses and another dog, WMBD reported.

The shelter’s director “very calmly and matter-of-factly said that he accidentally euthanized Moses,” Jennifer Wang told Fox. “I thought it was a cruel prank. I couldn’t believe this was happening.”

But it wasn’t a prank.

In a statement to WMBD, Tazewell County Animal Control said it “mistakenly euthanized a dog that was being held in our facility on a 10-day bite quarantine.”

The statement said the shelter “truly regrets this error” and that “Tazewell County will be reviewing policies and procedures to prevent any such occurrence from happening in the future.”

Now, the Wang family plans to pursue legal action, according to the fundraising page.

“The cost won’t matter; we’re making sure he will get the justice he deserves,” Jennifer Wang told Fox. “For us, it’s not over.”

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