He found a black widow in a bag of broccoli. Then the spider was adopted

Black Widow spider named Broccoli gets adopted

A Black Widow spider was found on a head of broccoli, so the spider was adopted and named Broccoli.
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A Black Widow spider was found on a head of broccoli, so the spider was adopted and named Broccoli.

Jacob Vaughn says he was rinsing out a bag of fresh broccoli before he was going to cook the veggies when a spider crawled out and "did not seem pleased."

But it wasn't just any spider in the bag of broccoli, WTOL reported. It was a black widow.

"The spider came out and started waving his hands," Vaughn, of Toledo, Ohio, told the TV station. "It was pretty obvious he was alive since he was throwing his hands in every direction. He did not seem pleased."

Black widow bites can cause "serious effects," according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Bites, which are associated with female black widows, can cause cramps and muscle spasms. Females are black with a red hourglass shape, much like the picture of the spider that was found in the broccoli.

The college student found the spider on Monday in a head of broccoli that he bought from the Maumee Kroger, one of Vaughn's family members told WTGV.

Vaughn then used tongs to pick up the broccoli and the spider before sealing the two in a plastic bag, according to WTOL.

A spokeswoman with Kroger told WTGV that the store offered Vaughn a refund or product replacement.

"Kroger works with growers to ensure we are always providing safe, quality food to our customers," spokeswoman Jennifer Jarrell told the TV station. "We encourage customers to inspect fresh produce prior to consuming. If customers are not satisfied with their purchase they are welcome to return it for a refund or exchange."

As for the black widow? She now has a name fit for a spider that was found in a bag of broccoli.

The spider, now named Broccoli, was rescued by Another Chance Sanctuary in Clyde, Ohio.

"Well, not sure how many of you heard about the young man who bought broccoli at the local Kroger and found a BLACK WIDOW in it...but ..well our latest intake....," the sanctuary posted to Facebook two days after the spider was found. "Welcome "Broccoli " to the rescue."

One day later, the sanctuary updated the post to say that Broccoli's adoption was pending.

"I knew somebody would love her," the post says.

And on June 15, the animal group posted that Broccoli's adoption had been approved.

"She will be going to live with a young lady who recently lost her female black widow," the post says.

Broccoli the spider isn't the only creature to have been saved from a bag of veggies.

Last year, a California woman found a tiny frog in her spring mix salad. Despite throwing up after finding the frog in her salad, she kept it as a pet — and named the frog "Lucky."

Sometimes life really is stranger than fiction ... and you may wish these facts weren't real.