Smiling mom stabbed 'devil' child up to 60 times with a pickaxe, Oklahoma cops say

Tulsa police arrest Amber Alert suspect Taheerah Ahmad

The Tulsa Police Department arrested Amber Alert suspect Taheerah Ahmad, who later admitted to trying to kill two of her children.
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The Tulsa Police Department arrested Amber Alert suspect Taheerah Ahmad, who later admitted to trying to kill two of her children.

An Oklahoma mom accused of stabbing her 11-year-old daughter up to 60 times before setting the family's house on fire was caught smiling after her arrest.

Police say Taheera Ahmad — the 39-year-old mom of three children — admitted to the lead Tulsa police detective that she held all three kids hostage for a week, duct-taped her two oldest "devil children" and stabbed her 11-year-old daughter between 50 and 60 times, KTUL reported.

After Ahmad was taken into custody, the Tulsa World reported, she told police she had stabbed her oldest daughter because she had fought back as Ahmad was trying to restrain her. Ahmad stabbed her daughter with a pickaxe before trying to set the house on fire, police say.

When emergency crews responded, the kitchen where the 11-year-old was bleeding was on fire — and the fire was continuing to spread.

A police report obtained by the newspaper said Ahmad wanted to burn down the family's home to “further ensure that (the 11-year-old) was dead.” The report said Ahmad became upset "because of the way they were reading and looking at her."

Police issued an Amber Alert on Monday night after Ahmad and her 8-year-old daughter, Hafza Hailey, were last seen around 8 p.m., according to KOCO.

Ahmad's 9-year-old daughter told police that Hafza helped her escape to a relative's house just a few doors down in the north Tulsa neighborhood before their mother took off with Hafza.

The 11-year-old was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Tulsa police had Ahmad in custody on Tuesday afternoon. Two people — Anastasia and Emily — had called police after seeing the suspect's black Lexus in downtown Tulsa.

"Emily, a mother herself, had been concerned about the child and noticed a car matching the description," the department tweeted. "After calling the police, we responded within minutes and found the suspect and victim."

Hafza was found unhurt and is now safe, according to media reports.

Ahmad was booked into the Tulsa County Jail on suspicion of assault and battery with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, child abuse and first-degree arson, jail records show. She is being held without bond on the "intent to kill" offense.

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