He was 'horsing around' with his pit-lab mix. Then the dog shot him

Officers from the Fort Dodge Police Department were called to this house after an owner was shot by his dog.
Officers from the Fort Dodge Police Department were called to this house after an owner was shot by his dog.

A dog shot his owner while "horsing around" on Wednesday in an Iowa home.

Richard Remme, 51, of Fort Dodge, was lying on the couch and tossing his pit-lab mix off his lap while Balew the dog would jump back on. When doing so, Remme had a gun in a belly band underneath his bib overalls, according to The Messenger.

It was all fun and games until Balew bumped the safety guard, hit the trigger and fired the gun — because that's when Balew started to cry.

“The dog’s a big wuss,” Remme told The Messenger. "The poor dog laid down beside me and cried, because he thought he was in trouble for doing something wrong ... He’s afraid of the dark, he’s afraid of water.”

As for Remme? He told the newspaper that he didn't even feel the shot in his leg at first.

Rather, he felt a "painful burn" on his belly, The Messenger reported.

But then his pant leg started to turn purple.

“I’m looking around to see where it (the bullet) went to, and I realized it went in my leg," Remme said. "That’s when I called 911."

Officers with the Fort Dodge Police Department responded just before 11 a.m. to Remme's home, located in the city with a population of about 24,000.

"Mr. Remme had a non life-threatening gunshot wound to his upper right thigh," the police department posted to Facebook. "The incident was determined to be an accident."

A spokesman with the department confirmed the Facebook post was related to the dog shooting his owner.

Remme was then taken by an ambulance to the hospital, according to the police department. He was released the same day but he still has the bullet inside him.

“They want me to follow up later with a surgeon, to see if later we need to possibly look at removing the bullet," he told The Messenger.

Fort Dodge Police Chief Roger Porter told The Messenger that he's never heard of a dog shooting his owner.

But this isn't the first time a dog shot a human.

In November, a dog shot a hunter — also in Iowa.

“Long story short — it was really a freak accident — one of the hunters ... set his gun down on the ground, and one of the dogs in the hunting party just stepped just right, or just wrong, onto the trigger guard of that shotgun, and the gun fired,” conservation officer Ken Lonneman told Radio Iowa.

And in 2015, The Washington Post reported that there had been 10 cases where dogs had accidentally shot humans since 2004.

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