Congressman’s son dabs for the cameras. Speaker Paul Ryan doesn’t know what happened.

By Brian Murphy

It was a day of formalities at the U.S. Capitol. Congressmen and women were sworn into their new offices in the House and Senate and got their picture taken with their families and Speaker Paul Ryan.

Well, one child decided to have a bit of fun at his father’s swearing in. When Rep. Roger Marshall, a Kansas Republican, and Ryan posed for their photo with Marshall’s family assembled around them, his youngest son Cal used the moment to dab.

Cal, a high school student, raised his left arm up and place his head into the crook of his elbow — a familiar dance move to those following Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton or any of dozens of dabbing videos (beware, some bad language). U.S. Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez dabbed at the end of her debate.

Ryan, however, had no idea what was happening. He asked Cal if he was about to sneeze.

“Are you going to sneeze? Is that it?” Ryan asked him.

Marshall, who represents Kansas’ First District, said his son was grounded.

But Cal seemed to be having fun with it on Twitter.