Netanyahu pushes for OK to strike Iran

JERUSALEM — An Israeli official said Wednesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to persuade his Cabinet to authorize a military strike against Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program — a discussion that comes as Israel successfully tests a missile believed capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to Iran.

It remained unclear whether Israel was genuinely poised to strike or if it was saber-rattling to prod the international community into taking a tougher line on Iran. Israeli leaders have long hinted at a military option, but they always seemed mindful of the practical difficulties, the likelihood of a furious counterstrike and the risk of regional mayhem.

The developments unfolded as the International Atomic Energy Agency is due to focus on the Iranian program at a meeting later this month.

Tons of marijuana found floating at sea

MEXICO CITY — The Mexican navy has recovered two metric tons of marijuana floating in the Pacific Ocean near the resort town of Cabo San Lucas.

The navy says people on a boat reported recovering some packages of pot from the sea.

Sailors mounted a search in the ocean and on beaches around Cabo. The search Monday and Tuesday yielded more than two tons of marijuana in 178 packages 24 miles east of the port.

Mexico's army, meanwhile, says troops have seized five metric tons of marijuana and 32 rifles in raids in border cities of Tamaulipas state. It says two people were killed and 10 were arrested. The army does not say when the raids happened.