Virginia plans to tighten abortion clinic rules

Virginia health officials are planning to release draft emergency regulations for abortion clinics as soon as today that reproductive-health activists say could impose strict physical, staffing and equipment requirements and could force many of the state's clinics to close.

The General Assembly passed legislation this year mandating that Virginia's abortion clinics be regulated like hospitals. Currently, they are treated like doctor's offices.

Although clinic operators say they haven't received specifics about the regulations, they say state health officials have told them that they are modeled on those adopted by South Carolina, which has some of the nation's more restrictive rules.

Texas cattle rustler gets 99 years in prison

LUBBOCK, Texas — An East Texas man with a prolific cattle rustling history spanning more than a decade has been sentenced to 99 years in prison for swindling bovines from a Mississippi rancher.

Carl Wade Curry, 44, from Athens was accused of stealing 400 head of cattle worth more than $200,000 last year.

District Attorney Staley Heatly says Curry placed an order with a Mississippi man using a fake name and cattle company in Vernon, where the owner shipped the cattle.

Testimony at Curry's trial revealed he had stolen 2,097 head of cattle worth nearly $1 million since 2007, Heatly said.