46 injured in Athens rioting

ATHENS, Greece — Hours of rioting outside Greece's parliament left 46 people injured Tuesday, on the eve of a vote by lawmakers to adopt more painful austerity measures — a condition for bailout funds needed to prevent a potentially disastrous default.

At least 14 people were arrested, authorities said, as youths clashed with riot police on-and-off for more than 10 hours and into the night, leaving the city center filled with tear gas and strewn with smashed-up marble paving stones.

Mexico investigates slaying of police chief

MONTERREY, Mexico — Mexican authorities are investigating seven police officers in the killing of a police chief in a northern Mexico town.

Nuevo Leon state security spokesman Jorge Domene Zambrano says the officers allegedly did nothing to stop Monday's attack on Police Chief German Perez in Santa Catarina.

Domene says those under investigation include Perez's bodyguards and officers who were guarding the police station.

Russia softens support for Syria

MOSCOW — A Russian envoy told Syrian opposition members Tuesday that "leaders come and go" — an apparent signal to Syrian President Bashar Assad that he cannot count on his ally's unconditional support after months of protests demanding his ouster.

It remains to be seen, however, if Mikhail Margelov's comments indicated a change in Moscow's opposition to tough U.N. action on Syria for Assad's bloody crackdown.