Car bomb kills three in Yemen

SANAA, Yemen — A car bomb believed to have been set off be a suicide attacker killed three Yemeni security personnel Friday in the southern city of Aden, the government said, as residents grew fearful of a possible attempt by Islamic militants to seize control of the strategic port city.

The government quickly said it suspected al-Qaida was behind the bomb in Aden's free-trade zone, which went off after anti-government demonstrators in the city and across the nation again held large weekend rallies in their four-month campaign to oust Yemen's autocratic leader of nearly 33 years.

Regime opponents have accused the government of exaggerating the al-Qaida threat to try to hang on to Western support, and local investigators in Aden said it was too early to tell what caused Friday's blast.

Peru cancels silver mine after clashes

LIMA, Peru — Peru's government canceled a Canadian-owned silver mine in the southern highlands Friday after four people were killed and at least 30 wounded when police fired on mostly indigenous protesters opposing the project.

The demonstrators were turned back trying to take over an airport near the city of Juliaca in Puno state, an area they have paralyzed with road blockades since May 9 in a bid to cancel the Santa Ana mine as well as a proposed hydroelectric project on the Inambari river.

Mining accounts for two-thirds of Peru's export earnings and has been the underpinning of a decade of robust economic growth, but the rural poor have benefited little from mining and complain it contaminates their water and crops.