Petraeus calls CIA a 'bargain'

WASHINGTON — Gen. David Petraeus called the CIA the "best bargain" the country gets at his confirmation hearing Thursday to be director of the agency.

The cost of the Afghanistan war has grown to $10 billion a month, while the total annual CIA budget is estimated at $6 billion. After noting that the exact figure is classified, Petraeus told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: "If our country gets the great CIA with that size budget, it's the best bargain we have as a nation."

Although many committee members asked about his view of President Obama's Afghanistan troop-withdrawal strategy and Pakistan relations, Petraeus attempted to focus on his planned approach to the agency directorship, which is expected to be approved by the committee and the Senate before the July 4 recess.

FBI thwarts terrorist plot at recruiting station

SEATTLE — The massacre at Fort Hood, Texas, and the ongoing war crimes prosecutions of Washington state soldiers helped inspire a terrorist plot in which two men planned to attack a military recruiting station in Seattle with grenades and machine guns, according to a federal complaint filed Thursday.

Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, also known as Joseph Anthony Davis, of Seattle, and Walli Mujahidh, also known as Frederick Domingue Jr., of Los Angeles, were arrested Wednesday night.

The FBI ensnared them in a terrorist sting after they arrived at a warehouse garage to pick up machine guns to use in the attack, authorities said. The weapons had been rendered inoperable by federal agents and posed no risk to the public.

Nike criticized over shirts with slogans

PORTLAND, Ore. —Nike Inc. is being blasted for replacing its signature "Just Do It" slogan on some T-shirts with the phrases "Dope," "Get High" and "Ride Pipe."

The shoe and athletic apparel company said the terms are part of the lingo used by the skaters, snowboarders and participants in other extreme sports it's trying to target with the shirts. But critics say the slogans endorse drug use.