Driver finds python on roof of garbage truck

CINCINNATI — The driver of a garbage truck found a 6-foot Burmese python on its roof after he emptied a trash bin into the truck at a Cincinnati fast-food restaurant.

Hamilton County sheriff's spokesman Steve Barnett says deputies who were summoned around 11 a.m. Thursday arrived to find the snake on the ground with its tail wrapped around a broom belonging to the driver. A deputy lifted the snake into a cardboard box using the broom.

Barnett says in a statement that the python appeared sluggish at first but revived once inside the box. Animal welfare workers took away the snake.

Camper finds his pet snake likes outdoors

ADDISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. —A man has discovered that a boa constrictor is not a willing camping companion after his 5-foot-long pet escaped as they vacationed in southeast Michigan.

The man alerted officials that the snake slithered out of his pop-up camper June 9 at Addison Oaks County Park.

Oakland County Parks and Recreation executive officer Dan Stencil said the snake is young and poses no threat to humans.