Obama, Boehner to play golf

WASHINGTON — The White House says President Obama's golf outing Saturday with Republican House Speaker John Boehner is a good way for the leaders to get together in a relaxed setting.

Presidential spokesman Jay Carney says he anticipates that Obama and Boehner will find time to discuss important issues such as budget negotiations.

But the outing is mostly about giving them a chance to socialize. Carney says that gives it "great value beyond the game."

Carney isn't saying whether the White House will disclose what the golfers shot on their round. The Ohio lawmaker is known to be a much better golfer than Obama.

The White House hasn't said what course they'll play.

Hunters tip off police on marijuana growers

PORTLAND, Ore. —A tip from hunters led police to a marijuana growing operation stretching across about a mile of a remote ravine on public land, leading to a raid that netted six arrests and more than 91,000 marijuana plants.

Miles of plastic irrigation tubing lined the terraced ravine in the northeast corner of Oregon. Authorities found weapons, food and supplies at campsites that could support growers for weeks, the Oregon State Police said.

A multi-agency law enforcement team raided the camp with air support from the Oregon Army National Guard on U.S. Forest Service land in a remote section of northern Wallowa County. The exact location won't be released while the investigation is under way, Lt. Gregg Hastings, a state police spokesman, said Friday.