Mexico finds millions in cable

MEXICO CITY — Mexican customs inspectors say they've found more than $2.4 million in cash rolled up and stuffed into spools of telephone cable headed for Venezuela.

The customs service says the cash was taped up into 6,000 small rolls. The rolls were inserted into about 500 yards of thick phone cable, and the cable was coiled onto four spools.

The customs service added that a trained dog alerted his handler to the suspicious contents of the spools at the Mexico City airport.

A man listed as the owner of the shipment was detained.

Authorities say Venezuela is increasingly becoming a transshipment point for cocaine, and Mexican cartels often ship money back to South America to pay for the drugs.

Chilean volcano ash comes full circle

SANTIAGO, Chile — The ash cloud from a Chilean volcano that has been erupting for nearly two weeks has circled the globe and come home again.

The returning cloud — which has disrupted flights in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand on its around-the-world trip — on Friday forced Chilean officials to cancel domestic flights for the first time since the Cordon Caulle volcano began erupting June 4.

LAN airlines suspended flights to the cities of Puerto Montt, Coyhaique and Punta Arenas in the far south of the South American country. While ash from Cordon Caulle has wreaked havoc with air travel abroad, it had left Chile's internal flights largely untouched until Friday.

Chilean authorities evacuated 3,500 people living near the volcano after it began erupting but some have since returned.