Feds: Schools can't ban kids here illegally

MIAMI — The U.S. Department of Education sent a letter to districts around the country Friday, reminding them that all students — legal or not — are entitled to a public education.

The letter comes amid reports that schools may be checking the immigration status of students trying to enroll, and reminds districts they are federally prohibited from barring elementary or secondary students on the basis of citizenship status.

Some toddler chairs labeled dangerous

WASHINGTON — The government warned Friday that tens of thousands of tabletop feeding chairs for babies and toddlers are not safe.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says children could be hurt in certain versions of the "metoo" clip-on tabletop chairs imported by Colorado-based phil&teds USA Inc. The CPSC says numerous children have been injured.

The chairs have metal clamps that attach to most table tops. The CPSC says those clamps can easily come loose, causing the chair to detach and sending the child plummeting to the floor.

'Jet Man' calls off Grand Canyon flight

HUALAPAI INDIAN RESERVATION, Ariz. —Swiss "Jet Man" Yves Rossy was fascinated by the Grand Canyon's swirling air currents, its cactus-covered cliffs and its significance to the Hualapai Tribe that calls the area home.

They were among the reasons he chose the scenic wonder for his first U.S. flight in a jet-propelled wing suit.

But on Friday — the day of his planned flight — an apologetic Rossy called off the stunt. He said the flight would be too much of a challenge without any practice runs.

"If I do a mistake and half of U.S. television (is here), it's really bad for you, for me, for everybody," he said. "I don't want to take the risk to present something unprofessional."