Libyan rockets hit rebel camps

BENGHAZI, Libya — Moammar Gadhafi's forces rocketed rebel fighters Thursday in the formidable strongholds and training camps they have built up in the strategic mountain heights southwest of the Libyan capital, rebels said.

The two sides appeared to be fighting for control of the two highways to the north and south of the Nafusa mountain range, which slices across the desert south of Tripoli to the western border with Tunisia.

NATO airstrikes resumed in Tripoli overnight. A Libyan government official said six sea vessels docked in the city's port were hit — five coast guard boats and a warship. Flames and smoke could be seen rising from one of the vessels.

Afghan insurgents won't quit, envoy says

ISLAMABAD — A top U.S. envoy said Thursday that not all insurgent factions in Afghanistan will agree to enter the peace process, meaning that force will be necessary to subdue the holdouts.

The envoy, Marc Grossman, was in the region to try to patch up ties with Pakistan, whose cooperation is considered key to bringing the Afghan war to an end.

Grossman's comments underscored the complexity of reconciliation efforts in Afghanistan, even as some observers hope that America's killing of al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden would nudge some Afghan Taliban to shed their affiliation with the terrorism network and join eventual peace talks.