Doctors repair Giffords' skull

HOUSTON — Doctors repaired U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' skull on Wednesday, the latest milestone in her recovery from an assassination attempt and a procedure that experts say will improve her quality of life.

A gunman shot her in the head more than four months ago in Tucson and doctors had to remove a portion of her skull to relieve pressure on her brain.

On Wednesday, they put a plastic implant in place to fully cover her brain, according to a statement from TIRR Memorial Hermann hospital. The hospital planned a briefing today to give an update on her medical condition and discuss the next steps in her rehabilitation.

Pilots warned of GPS failure near Las Vegas

WASHINGTON — Federal officials are warning pilots flying at night near Las Vegas over the next week they may have to navigate the old-fashioned way — without GPS.

The Federal Aviation Administration sent a notice to pilots that navigation systems based on GPS technology may be "unreliable or unavailable" in about a 350 mile-radius that includes Las Vegas.

LightSquared — a company that plans to deploy a nationwide wireless broadband network — is testing its equipment southeast of Las Vegas.

The tests are part of an agreement between LightSquared and the Federal Communications Commission. LightSquared has rights to frequencies very close in the electromagnetic spectrum to those used for GPS, raising concern about possible jamming.