2 men accused of plot to bomb NYC synagogue

NEW YORK — A man who complained the world was treating Muslims "like dogs" plotted with an accomplice to kill Jews by bombing a synagogue and bought a grenade and guns for the attacks, authorities charged Thursday.

But there was no indication that what authorities called a homegrown plot, orchestrated as part of a sting operation, ever put New Yorkers in danger or that the men were affiliated with any terrorist organization.

The two suspects, 26-year-old Ahmed Ferhani, an Algerian, and 20-year-old Mohamed Mamdouh, a U.S. citizen of Moroccan descent accused of being his accomplice, were charged Thursday with conspiracy as a crime of terrorism.

Officials said the two men bought from an undercover officer an inert hand grenade and several weapons they intended to resell to help finance their plot.

Their attorneys said the two deny the charges.

NRC: U.S. nuke plants safe despite problems

ROCKVILLE, Md. —Inspectors have found problems with equipment, training and procedures at some U.S. nuclear reactors, but none serious enough to undermine confidence in the plants' continued safe operation, federal regulators said Thursday.

The problems identified during inspections over the past two months did not pose a significant safety risk and have been corrected, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said.

The comments came as a task force of senior NRC staffers briefed the five-member panel on a safety review of U.S. nuclear reactors being conducted in response to the nuclear crisis in Japan. An agency spokesman said that problems were identified at less than one-third of the 104 U.S. nuclear reactors.