Peruvian police interrogating suspect in death

LIMA, Peru — The lone suspect in the disappearance of U.S. teen Natalee Holloway was paraded — moist-eyed and looking stunned — before reporters Saturday as Peruvians denounced him and detectives began interrogating him about the killing of a Lima student.

Joran van der Sloot arrived at criminal police headquarters in a brown Interpol SUV and was escorted across an auditorium crowded with shouting, shutter-snapping journalists three times.

Wearing a green bulletproof vest, his hands cuffed behind him, the 22-year-old stared straight ahead and didn't respond to reporters' questions or make eye contact.

Outside, seven Indian shamans in brightly colored ponchos repeatedly stabbed a cloth doll representing van der Sloot in a "spiritual punishment" ritual. "We're punishing him so that all the forces of evil are purged," one shouted.

About an hour earlier, onlookers yelled insults at the man who has dominated Peruvian front pages as police switched cars south of the foggy coastal capital.

His interrogation began almost immediately, Gen. Cesar Guardia, chief of Peru's criminal police, told the Associated Press. Van der Sloot is suspected of killing 21-year-old Stephany Flores on May 30 at his hotel room in the Peruvian capital

Police released video Saturday taken by hotel security cameras showing van der Sloot and Flores entering his hotel room together.

Flores trails van der Sloot, her head bowed, after he is given his room key. She is in the same attitude when she follows him into the room.

Van der Sloot is wearing a white, long-sleeved button-down shirt and jeans in the video. Flores wears a dark sleeveless T-shirt and jeans and has her hair up.

Later video shows the Dutchman leaving the hotel alone with his bags. He is in a patterned shirt and carries a day pack on his back and a gym bag in his hand.

Guardia, the police chief, said that at 8:10 a.m., nearly an hour and a half before leaving the hotel, van der Sloot walked across the street alone, bought bread and two cups of coffee at a supermarket and returned to his hotel room.