Motive unknown in deadly U.K. rampage

LONDON — The 12 victims of the deadly shooting rampage in the rural Lake District this week included the suspect's twin brother, his lawyer, fellow taxi drivers and random residents of the normally tranquil region, police said Thursday.

Authorities in Cumbria also confirmed that suspect Derrick Bird, 52, whose body was found in a wooded area several hours after the shootings Wednesday, held a license for the two shotguns used in the killings despite having had a previous conviction for theft from a former employer, for which he did not serve a prison sentence.

Speaking to the media, investigating police officer Detective Chief Superintendent Ian Goulding called for the community's help in confirming the motive.

"We hear rumors of finance and domestic (troubles)," he said "We are aware of all those things and they are all proper lines of investigation for us, but we will not be speculating as to the why at this time."

Bird shot his twin David, a father of three, at his home in Lamplugh, then drove to nearby Frislington where lawyer Kevin Common, 60, lived, police said. Common was found dead in his driveway.

Shootings then occurred at a Whitehaven taxi stand, before Bird drove off and began firing at random victims, according to authorities.

Bird, they said, killed Susan Hughes, 57, as she carried home her shopping bags and Jane Robinson, 66, outside her home in Seascale.

Jamie Clark, a 23-year-old real estate agent, was found dead in his car.

Other victims included a retired couple and a farmer, Gary Purdham, 32, who was shot dead while clipping a hedge near Gosforth.

Bird's nieces, Rachel, Tracy and Katie, in their teens and 20s, the daughters of his murdered brother David, paid tribute to their father in a statement released by police. "We would like to take this opportunity to say there was absolutely no family feud. Our Dad's only downfall was to try and help his brother," they said.