Cambodia, Thailand battle along border

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — Cambodian and Thai troops resumed an artillery duel along their border this morning, ignoring a cease-fire the two sides reached a day earlier after two people were killed in fighting near a historic 11th century temple.

Cambodia said today's shelling, which it accused Thailand of instigating, ended within an hour. Thai authorities were not immediately available to comment.

Cambodian and Thai troops battled for two hours Friday along the same disputed stretch of their border, trading artillery fire that killed at least two people. Thai television showed several buildings in nearby villages destroyed.

Cyclone remnants still pounding Australia

CAIRNS, Australia — The tail end of one of Australia's largest-ever cyclones was felt at the other end of the country Saturday, as wild storms lashed Melbourne with destructive winds and flash flooding.

Many parts of Australia have suffered a summer of awful weather, including pounding rains across northeastern Queensland state that caused the nation's worst flooding in decades, killing 35 people and causing an estimated $5.6 billion in damage.

The tropical low that was Cyclone Yasi, which hit the northeast earlier this week, was active over central Australia and making a series of thunderstorms over the southern city of Melbourne and other large towns in Victoria state much worse, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

Drains were overwhelmed, causing flash flooding that covered streets and swamped some homes.