Streaker gets probation for Obama rally stunt

PHILADELPHIA — Juan Rodriguez — an unemployed Staten Island, N.Y., man who in a bid to win $1 million ran naked through crowded Oct. 10 campaign rally in Pennsylvania where President Obama spoke — left a Philadelphia courtroom Friday fully clothed, still unemployed and on 24 months probation.

Rodriguez, 24, said nothing during the stipulated trial before Municipal Judge Lydia Kirkland that lasted much less than his 15 minutes of fame, or notoriety.

In a stipulated trial, the prosecutor and defense lawyers agree to the facts in a case and the judge renders the verdict.

Assistant District Attorney Brandyn Hicks and defense attorney William J. Brennan barely finished speaking when Kirkland rattled off guilty verdicts and then imposed sentence.

Hicks asked for a 3- to 23-month prison sentence.

"Other than this dumb event," said Brennan, "my client has three kids and just one other minor violation as a juvenile."

Rodriguez pulled the stunt for a $1 million prize offered by Alki David, a California billionaire to promote his live-reality-TV website.

David later claimed Rodriguez never fulfilled all the contest criteria because Rodriguez never got within 10 feet of Obama.

David kept the prize but said he gave Rodriguez $100,000.