Bull gets out, gets Tasered, gets caught

SANFORD, Fla. —Sam Monroe Smith tried, he insists, really tried for three or four hours to recapture Filet Mignon, a 500-pound bull a neighbor had just given him.

It had been in his pasture just two hours Sunday when it disappeared, he says.

Where it disappeared was a problem, according to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office. Smith's tiny pasture west of Sanford fronts a busy highway, and the bull had become a potential traffic hazard.

Over the next 12 hours, Smith searched with more than a dozen neighbors, gave up, put together a plan to try to recapture the bull the next day and was handcuffed and hauled to jail for not doing enough.

During that same 12 hours, the Sheriff's Office got several calls from motorists who spotted the bull near the highway, dispatched at least three deputies and used its helicopter to light up the swamp.

The agency also found the animal, used a Taser to disable it, captured it and tied it to a tree.

In Smith's arrest report, deputies described the animal as "a black and white cow of medium build."

In the early morning, Smith got word that the Sheriff's Office had recaptured the bull after using a Taser on it twice. He drove to the scene and was arrested on a charge of culpable negligence — putting someone at risk of injury.

On Friday, the bull was tethered to a pole in Smith's barn. It also had a new name: Bolo, as in the law enforcement phrase: "be-on-the-lookout" for.