Mexican border city to replace police chief

SAN DIEGO — Tijuana's mayor-elect said Friday that he will replace the border city's top cop, who launched an unprecedented campaign to loosen the grip of drug cartels on what has been one of Mexico's most corrupt police forces.

But in a sign of continuity, Julian Leyzaola will be succeeded as public safety secretary by his closest aide, Gustavo Huerta, when the mayor's term begins Tuesday.

Both men are retired military officers. As police director, Huerta stood alongside Leyzaola as he blanketed the western half of the city with vetted officers and new equipment and put career military commanders in charge. Leyzaola's cleanup strategy saw the purge of hundreds of allegedly corrupt cops.

Mayor-elect Carlos Bustamante picked the 42-year-old Huerta because he knows Tijuana well and is positioned to build on recent successes, said Bustamante's spokeswoman, Socorro Castillo.

Soyuz capsule returns space station crew

MOSCOW — A Soyuz spacecraft carrying two Americans and a Russian from the International Space Station touched down Friday in Kazakhstan in a landing that the Russian space program's chief described as ideal.

The Russian capsule carrying cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin and astronauts Shannon Walker and Douglas Wheelock landed in the sprawling steppes of the Central Asian nation about 3 1/2 hours after separating from the space station. The landing was within a mile of its target point, said Roscosmos head Anatoly Perminov.