Tunisians flee to Italian island

ROME — Italy ferried hundreds of Tunisians off a tiny Sicilian island Saturday to detention centers amid government fears that terrorists could mix in among the boatloads of people fleeing turmoil in North Africa.

But the exodus to Italian shores aboard rickety fishing vessels continued without letup.

By dawn, around 3,000 migrants had arrived by boat on Lampedusa over three days, hundreds more arrived during the day and several more boats were reportedly spotted on the horizon headed for the flat-rock, largely barren fishing island, Italian authorities said.

Palestinian leaders will hold elections

RAMALLAH, West Bank — The Palestinian leadership in the West Bank on Saturday promised to hold long-overdue general elections by September, a surprise move spurred by political unrest rocking the Arab world and embarrassing TV leaks about peace talks with Israel.

In principle, elections could help end the deep political split between West Bank-based President Mahmoud Abbas and the Islamic militant Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, the other territory the Palestinians want for their state.

Airline employees end strike in Pakistan

KARACHI, Pakistan — Employees of Pakistan's state airline ended a four-day strike Friday that had crippled air travel in the country after the company's director resigned and a route-sharing deal with another airline was scrapped.

The managing director of Pakistan International Airlines, Mohammad Aijaz Haroon, resigned late Friday, said Faisal Raza Abdi, an aide to Pakistan's president.