Quake strikes central Chile

CAUQUENES, Chile — A magnitude-6.8 earthquake struck central Chile on Friday, centered in almost exactly the same spot where last year's magnitude-8.8 quake spawned a tsunami and devastated coastal communities.

Electricity and phone service were disrupted and thousands of people fled to higher ground following Friday's quake, but the government quickly announced that there was no risk of a tsunami, and there were no reports of damage or injuries.

In the following hours, a dozen aftershocks ranging from magnitude-3.9 to magnitude-6.3 shook the seismically active area.

President Sebastian Pinera appealed for calm and praised his government and Chileans in general for responding quickly.

Bridge sought to cross border to airport

TIJUANA, Mexico — A group of Mexican and American investors want to build a pedestrian bridge connecting Tijuana's airport to ground transportation on the American side of the border.

The investors are planning a $78 million building and parking lot on the southernmost end of San Diego, where passengers can park their cars, pick up their boarding passes before going through U.S. Customs and Border Protection checkpoints. From there they can pay a fee to walk across the bridge and reach the Tijuana airport, where they can proceed to security check-ins and boarding.

Supporters believe it will help relieve traffic at border crossings, maximize use of the Mexican airport and steer Southern Californians away from other international airports.