Fed defends bond buys, citing economy

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is stepping up his defense of the Fed's $600 billion Treasury bond-purchase plan, saying the economy is still struggling to become "self-sustaining" without government help.

In a taped interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" that aired Sunday night, Bernanke also argued that Congress shouldn't cut spending or boost taxes given how fragile the economy remains.

The Fed chairman said he thinks another recession is unlikely. But he warned the economy could suffer a slowdown if persistently high unemployment dampens consumer spending.

Late-term abortion doctor to open clinic

GERMANTOWN, Md. —Anti-abortion activists plan to protest at a Germantown clinic being opened by a Nebraska doctor who performs late-term abortions.

LeRoy Carhart has said he wants to ensure more women have access to the procedure by expanding to states where it is legal. Nebraskans recently outlawed abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Carhart worked for 11 years with George Tiller, a late-term abortion provider who was fatally shot while attending church in Wichita last year.

Facebook's facelift plays up photos

NEW YORK — Facebook is redesigning the profile pages of its 500 million-plus users to make it more of a reflection of their real lives and emphasize one of the site's most popular features, photos.

Facebook said in a blog post Sunday the changes are meant to make it easier for users to tell their story — who they are, where they work, their life philosophy and the most important people in their lives.

Canned chicken salad recalled nationwide

About 72,000 pounds of Bumble Bee brand canned chicken salad products distributed nationwide have been recalled because they might contain pieces of hard plastic.

Consumers have reported finding the foreign material; no injuries have been reported.

Recalled were 8.2-ounce packages of Bumble Bee Lunch on the Run Chicken Salad Complete Lunch Kit with a best-by date of 08/11, and 3.5-ounce packages of Bumble Bee Chicken Salad with Crackers with a best-by date of 02/12.

Dozens missing after landslide

BELLO, Colombia — A landslide following weeks of drenching rains buried more than 50 homes in northwestern Colombia, killing at least two people and likely leaving dozens trapped beneath mud and rubble, officials said Sunday.

Antioquia state emergency management director John Rendon said two bodies have been recovered and six injured people have been rescued after the mudslide in the Medellin suburb of Bello. He said 40 to 50 people are believed missing.

WikiLeaks: China ordered Google hacking

BEIJING — Contacts told American diplomats that hacking attacks against Google were ordered by China's top ruling body and a senior leader demanded action after finding search results that were critical of him, leaked U.S. government memos show.

One memo sent by the U.S. Embassy in Beijing to Washington said a "well-placed contact" told diplomats the Chinese government coordinated the attacks late last year on Google Inc. under the direction of the Politburo Standing Committee, the apex of Communist Party power, according to the cables released by WikiLeaks.