Clinton presses Iran nuke talks

MANAMA, Bahrain — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday directly addressed senior Iranian officials, including the foreign minister, to reaffirm President Obama's offer of engagement and to pledge "good-faith" negotiations on Iran's nuclear program in Geneva next week.

Clinton made her statement as part of a speech here on Persian Gulf security that, often without mentioning Iran directly, touched on the concerns voiced by many in the region over Tehran's growing clout.

In the speech to the Manama Dialogue, an annual conference organized by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Clinton lauded Iran as the "home of one of humankind's great civilizations," capable of enriching "the political, social and economic life of this region." She pressed the Iranians "to restore the confidence of the international community and live up to your international obligations," but warned that the country risked isolation if it failed to address those concerns.

Canadian charged in killing with crossbow

TORONTO — A Canadian man was charged with first-degree murder Friday in connection with the fatal shooting his father in the back with a crossbow in a Toronto library as shocked mothers and children watched.

Zhou Fang, 24, appeared in court to face the murder charge a day after Si Cheng, 52, was killed in the library about an hour after a nearby school let out for the day. The judge ordered that Fang be held without bail.

"The use of a crossbow is definitely a unique case in Toronto," said Toronto police Constable Tony Vella. "You hear about guns, you hear about knives being used, but you definitely don't hear about a crossbow."

Earlier Friday police said the two men knew each other, and Vella later confirmed the men were father and son. Police did not say what caused the altercation.