Census workers saw increased acts of violence

WASHINGTON — Census workers were the targets of about 700 incidents of violence or threats this year, almost four times as many as were recorded during the 2000 Census, an official said Wednesday.

Robert Groves, director of the Census Bureau, said that there were only a few cases in which weapons were discharged. He estimated that census workers seeking information from people who didn't mail back their census forms in April had paid about 100 million visits to homes — a figure that includes multiple visits before census workers found anyone present.

Bell, Calif., city officials face corruption charges

LOS ANGELES — Eight current and former officials of the city of Bell appeared in shackles before judges Wednesday in a corruption case prosecutors said was so ingrained in the blue-collar suburb that almost anyone who could have blown the whistle was benefiting from it.

Former city manager Robert Rizzo was accused of being at the center of the scandal that went unchecked for years while he allegedly lent city money to himself, his assistant, City Council members, members of the police force and city workers.

Parking brake blamed in jet's hard landing

SACRAMENTO, Calif. —A JetBlue airliner apparently landed with its parking brake on when its main tires blew and caught fire at Sacramento International Airport last month, a federal safety agency said Wednesday.

Recorded flight data show the Airbus A320-232's parking brake was engaged during approach at an altitude of 5,100 feet and stayed on throughout the Aug. 26 landing, the National Transportation Safety Board said.