Russian fires rage; nuclear center at risk

MOSCOW — The battle against forest and peat bog fires around Russia continued Sunday, with new fires at one nuclear research site just after firefighters had succeeded in securing another one.

A fire had erupted near the nuclear research center in Snezhinsk, about 50 miles south of Yekaterinburg, the civil defense ministry told the Russian news wire Interfax on Sunday. Fire services had so far been able to contain it.

Although firefighters had been able to make some progress, more than 250 new fires had broken out over the past 24 hours, the ministry said.

With Russia still suffering from ongoing heat and dry conditions up to 104 degrees, nearly 500,000 acres of land were ablaze.

Sound detectors used in search for miners

SANTIAGO, Chile — Rescuers planned Sunday to lower sound-detection equipment in an attempt to locate nearly three dozen workers trapped in a northern Chilean gold and copper mine.

Listening devices would be lowered through holes drilled into the mine in hopes of making contact with the workers, who were trapped Thursday when a tunnel collapsed, said Rodrigo Jofre, who represents families of the 33 trapped miners.

Three teams of rescuers entered the mine Saturday through a ventilation shaft, but had to withdraw when rock collapsed in the duct.

The fate of the missing workers was not known. There had been no contact with the miners since the collapse.

Oil slick lapping at beach in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilian officials are trying to determine the origin of an oil slick that is washing onto white-sand beaches east of Rio de Janeiro.

A statement from Brazil's navy Sunday night said inspectors were being sent to investigate. A lab analysis of the oil could determine if it came from a ship or from an offshore oil platform.

State-run oil company Petrobras says its offshore fields are not responsible for the slick.

Aerial footage on Globo television showed a black tide hitting the shore in a resort area about 110 miles east of Rio. Naval officials didn't know the size of the slick but it appears to stretch approximately one mile along the coast.