Man acquitted in Mexican drug, cash case

MEXICO CITY — A judge has acquitted a man charged with dealing in precursor drug chemicals and allegedly linked to the bust of a Chinese-Mexican businessman who hid $205 million at his Mexico City mansion.

The ruling represents another blow to years of frustrated efforts to prosecute the case, which involved the largest drug-related cash seizure in history.

Mexico's Judiciary Council said Friday that a federal judge found defendant Juan Llaca Diaz innocent of organized crime and drug charges. The ruling says prosecutors did not prove key parts of their case, including that the substance Llaca Diaz allegedly imported was a precursor chemical used to make methamphetamine.

NATO takes blame for six civilian deaths

KABUL, Afghanistan — NATO took the blame on Friday for accidentally killing six civilians and wounding several others in eastern Afghanistan — just a day after six Afghan soldiers died in a botched coalition airstrike.

The back-to-back incidents come as international troops are trying to gain the trust of the Afghan people and improve coordination with Afghan security forces in hopes of handing over more responsibility for security to them nearly nine years into the war.

NATO said an assessment team determined that the civilians were killed when artillery fire fell short of its target Thursday.