Kenya sees high voter turnout

NAIROBI — Kenyans came out in large numbers Wednesday to vote for a new constitution that, if passed, promises to bring more accountability and rule of law to one of Africa's most corrupt nations.

The referendum is taking place against a backdrop of fear and anxiety as many Kenyans worry that violence could once again haunt their country as it did after the disputed 2007 elections when more than 1,000 people died in ethnic and politically motivated attacks.

Taking no chances, Kenyan election authorities have enacted measures to ensure more transparency in the voting process, especially to ensure that ballots would be transmitted and counted properly.

Calderon: Drugs less of a focus for cartels

MEXICO CITY — President Felipe Calderon said Wednesday that Mexico's cartels in many cases have moved beyond drugs as their main money-earner and are even trying to supplant the government in parts of the country.

Speaking at an anti-crime conference, Calderon said gangs are imposing fees like taxes in towns they dominate, extorting money from legitimate and unauthorized businesses.

Drugs are becoming less of a focus for the gangs, he said.