Loose veils bring Iranian crackdown

TEHRAN — Iranian authorities have begun police patrols in the capital to arrest women wearing clothes deemed improper. The campaign against loose-fitting veils and other signs of modernism comes as government opponents are calling for rallies to mark the one-year anniversary of the disputed presidential election, and critics of the crackdown say it is stoking feelings of discontent.

But hard-liners say improper veiling is a "security issue," and "loose morality" threatens the core of the Islamic republic.

Tehran police have been arresting women for wearing short coats, modest veils and even when they were too suntanned. Witnesses report fines up to $800 for dress considered immodest.

Charges oust Cancun mayor from campaign

MEXICO CITY — The mayor of Cancun was charged with drug trafficking ties Tuesday, forcing him to end his campaign for governor in a scandal that has shaken Mexico's upcoming state elections.

A federal judge indicted Gregorio Sanchez on charges of organized crime and money laundering a week after he was arrested in Mexico's most important tourist resort. Prosecutors say he protected two of Mexico's most brutal drug gangs and lived beyond his means.

The formal charges bar Sanchez from participating in politics, ending his run for governor of the Caribbean coast state of Quintana Roo.

Officials have said they cannot remember another Mexican candidate ever being charged with drug ties in the middle of a campaign, and leaders of Sanchez's leftist party say the allegations are politically motivated.