Obamas' tax bill: $1.79 million

WASHINGTON — President Obama and his wife, Michelle, made $5.5 million last year — much of it from sales of his two books and his $400,000 annual salary — and contributed $329,100 of it to charities, according to tax returns released Thursday.

Their contributions to 40 charities represented nearly 6 percent of the Obamas' adjusted gross income. After deducting those and other items from their taxable income, the Obamas paid $1.79 million in federal income tax, about 32 percent of their income, and $163,303 in Illinois income tax.

The president, vice president and members of Congress can pay local income taxes in their home states rather than to the District of Columbia. Obama and the vice president maintain their legal residences in Illinois and Delaware, respectively.

The taxable income didn't include the $1.4 million that Obama won with the Nobel Peace Prize last year. Obama asked the Nobel committee to send the money directly to 10 charities and, under Internal Revenue Service rules, he didn't add the prize to his income and didn't deduct the amount given to charities from his taxable income.

Obama's charitable contributions included:

* $50,000 each to CARE, an anti-poverty group, and the United Negro College Fund;

* $20,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs;

* $15,000 each to the National MS Society and the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance;

* $10,000 each to the American Red Cross, Greater New Orleans Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Washington homeless shelter Miriam's Kitchen, the Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and Life Pieces to Masterpieces, a group for young African-American men in Washington, D.C.

Vice President Joseph Biden and his wife reported $333,182 in adjusted gross income, much of it from his 2009 salary of $227,300 and Jill Biden's $42,486 as a community college instructor.

The Bidens paid $71,147 in federal income taxes, $12,420 in Delaware income taxes, and $1,477 in Virginia income taxes, as that's where Jill Biden teaches.